28 February 2007


i would have never thought of this way as a use for a lava lamp. makes so much sense though. i can just imagine how it would have been in the `60's & `70's with all the lava lamps and
extra curricular supplements that would have gone with it.

27 February 2007


the view from here is lovely.

strong attachment

i love the idea of having sex outside. there is a thrill of it not being inside for starters. the obvious 'will someone see us' feeling. and the strong connection of being in nature.

23 February 2007

it feels great to be inside

with all of the cold weather and the tons of snow that won't stop pounding the ground it sure is great to be inside. she seems so wet, just look at the shine on his penis.


i love horses


yum in a word. if i can get her to do this more, then life would be super. isn't that always the way it is said?

blonde for breakfast

i used to work with a girl who was sixteen when she was hired. she looked equally as beautiful as this girl. her hair was a lot like this one's is too: long, straight and smooth. working with her over the few years was great. she turned into a great salesperson and very beautiful.

21 February 2007

18 February 2007

heal me

if they would do this

the lines at hospital would be bigger than my erection and last longer than me in bed, but the country would be in the best shape ever.

best from behind

when my penis is erect and the energy is really flowing i can see my veins pop just like this guy's veins. so i wrap my palm around the shaft and feel the blood flow through the veins with each squeeze and pluse.



a little around the edge


plugged in for eco-friendlyness

16 February 2007

rush in behind


rising to meet you

i love the morning. it can be so hypnotic and when you add a naked woman to the equation, nothing seems better. i can smell vanella. delicious.

15 February 2007

breast are great too

reminds me of an old girlfriend. nuff said.

i love the ass

it is so hard to pick a favorite body part. really really is. but i do love a great behind. with tan lines of course. the curve by far is the most beautiful shape. no question.

all around

lined up nicely




three things i can agree with. i love the tanlines. i try to get her to tan, but it is so challenging to get her to. but she's never too interested in that and ends up with a farmers tan from working outside. forget about her tanning naked or topless (to live in ontario). tanned with undergarment outlines. not much better.

school spirit

ally oopm the best cheerleader ass i've seen yet

sex is addicting. two hours of pictures and cock rubbing. i think the cough syrup i took for my cold earlier is kicking in too. feels so good.

if you can prove me otherwise let me know

jugs-the magazine

rubbing my penis for the last hour and an half is so pleasurable. i love wrapping my fingers around the head of my penis and feeling the growth when i sqeeze firmness into the shaft. and then firmly sliding the hand down the shaft and gliding up the top if the head feeling the tingles in the penis and the chill up my spine.

when i was little i picked a copy of jugs magazine and stared in amazement at how large breasts could be. explosive for a youth. i prefer more regular size breasts (32a-34a even in the b's) but this takes me back and makes it harder to stick with preferences. all for large.

what does pregnant taste like

some of the best sex i have ever had with her was when she was pregnant. it's hard to explain the difference, but i know her orgasms were more intense. and the feeling of wrapping around the extra body size made it seem like it was someone else without the disconnect of it being that way. and, um, the breast milk was delicious-wish there was more.

she warms me up

support school spirit

up it goes

it is minus 17 degress celcius and a super windchill that rocks down to about minus 30. this beauti really warms the night. i would start with lick the nipples. i've been rubbing my penis while imagining her for the last 20 minutes just to the edge.

14 February 2007

wet wife

since i won't be able to get any today... on Valentine's Day of all days. I am living vicariously through this wet couple. i love the closeups of her vagina, all of the moisture... gives me a rise. nice head to the penis too.

how old is too old

ready to go

ready again?

how old is too old to be riding the pony express? this woman is getting up there in age... but her body doesn't show it too much and she definately is getting into it- or it in her. what age do you think this should remain off camera?

13 February 2007

who's got my shirt?

i thought it was over here

for the girls... a guy. for me, what i used to be able to do. not so much anymore. i like the beach field though.

i'll take two

does this come in any other colors?

for sale- 90% cotton, 10% spandex. i'd rather buy her and throw away the underwear. real nice shape and curves. her expression looks rather lonely and she might be a bit cold. wouldn't take long to warm her up.