18 December 2009

fresh dye

taken from some dirtypanty website. squeeze and enjoyable.

09 December 2009

i may be nuts but wow.

photographed by hegre, erica looks simply amazing. the robins egg blue stockings really set it all off for me.

02 December 2009

two are definately better than one

reader participation time: which one do you want most? which one would you do first? give us your answers in the comments.

28 November 2009


american thanksgiving brings plenty to be thankful for. it is great to watch the preparation of a meal that begs thankfulness.

08 November 2009

upclose on the casting couch


i have no idea what was used to tie her up. it looks like a rope of some sort. i would love to tie mine up like this and take a similar photo. i would also like to fuck both the holes so hard and then land the cum just above the lips and watch it drip over the vagina and then over the ass. i'd even lick it up and swirl my tongue over and in her clit. i am so horny right now.


what an inviting spread

her left nipple is relaxed

Gabby might be chilling. my penis however is not. it is about as hard and swollen as it can get without creaming all over the place. Gab's breasts are large and i love the shape of them. i especially love the contrast of color of her nipples to the breast. she has that kind of tan that suggests a piece of modesty but a love for the sun. i love her brazilian cut for her pussy hair.

13 October 2009