30 December 2012

more joy

fantastic and wonderfully beautifully bound beauty. women are amazing creatures. shame that some need to be restrained. but wow.
my penis is full of joy and cum.

swirl the candycane

Wonder how her jewelry will feel swirling against his cock?

25 December 2012

Ho Ho Ho

Looks like Santa has already cum.
Merry Christmas!

24 December 2012

can't quite

There's just something. I can't quite put my finger on it.
My finger.
My lips.
My tongue.
My erection.
All things I'd like to put on her pussy.

PS: I like her piercing too.

sexually filled

are you able to say that you get your fill of sex?
not me.
share with us how you do it.
show us if you can.

23 December 2012

holiday cheer

Black dresses are amazing but so is this red dress. Reminds me of Jessica Alba for some reason.

Show us your party outfits or lack thereof.

drive me crazy

I would have the hardest (penis) time to keep from staring at her silhouette behind the sheerness of her dress.

What outfits do you have that showcase a similar look?

20 December 2012

more interest

she seems more interested in her breasts than in the fucking she's doing.

let me take it

I'd probably be okay with this.
I know my orgasm would be explosive and draining.

Would you let yours peg you?

19 December 2012

feed me

I am so hungry right now.
Pretty much any would do.
Offer yours to us.

10 December 2012

spill over

When you cum so much that it can flow back out of her mouth and run down her arm, something was right.

07 December 2012

happy buttsex friday

For all of you who are lucky enough to get some buttsex today, enjoy and send us a picture.

02 December 2012

all wetness

do we make you wet?
send us what makes you wet and one of how wet you get.

the jizz of things

I'd be wanting to do more than jizz in the air over her hand. target her foot. target her pussy.

longing desire

I long with desire.
Send me something more to desire.

01 December 2012

start off Decembeard right

Give or take, fuck the start right out of Decembeard.