31 October 2012

30 October 2012


A sea of beauty.


to stare.
to rub.
to squeeze.
to slide my cock between.
to lick.
to eat.

pert and perky

comes the day of fantasy and reality combined.

stick and lick

I love reaching in and pulling out a flavorful finger of pussy juice.

that'll leave a mark

Still picking Mercedes in the middle but I do like the face paint of the deadly beauty on the right.


Who'd you choose to haunt your drawers, Left to right, 1-4.

For me, the cowgirl on the right. #4. Mercedes.

use your ignoremation

if you ignore the string on the side then she is nearly naked.

28 October 2012

work it out

seriously, a fit woman that works out is a fine wonder to view.

center of attention

nothing like calling out a beautiful woman.

super trio

Nice to see them all dressed up. I pick the wonder in the middle.

two scary

diane is just as scary.

26 October 2012

nice pattern

From crispy bikini, another nice design.

24 October 2012

hang it out there

The awe and wonder of your beauty.

hug the bikini curve

when it comes to bikini bottoms less is more.

it's a cover-up

Still pretty to look at.

going for a ride

You have to go somewhere. It might as well be down.

that slight

Air of self confidence.
It seeps out from between her legs.

20 October 2012

it'd be distracting for someone

but not me. I would wonder if there wouldn't be accidental butt smacking happening.

great smiles

Will last for miles. Beautiful!

they were

The best of friends.
Imaginably more so.

let it eat it more

don't be shy. show off your ass.

Cassidy is a bunny

only a further bit more down, please.

your pov is my desire

Hitting the legs.

going to playa playa?

You might find these two lounging around.
I'd like to say buenos to the one on the left.

17 October 2012

shark bitten

What a fantASStic bikini ass from Brooklyn.

12 October 2012

yes I can

Smell her all the way over here.

didn't I already say

That I love her body.
Bonus is she is covered in cum.
Take away that it's not mine.

denim off her

So glad that her jeans got peeled down.
Her breast pops out nice but the real treat is her cooter.
Whip your denim down and fire off a shot to us.

so happy together

Nice to see a penis get along so well with a hand.
How's your relationship doing?

mount moundlicious

I would crawl all over this mound. Even through cum and it's stickiness.

drain it

Drain it.
Tastes good?

Have a picture of your overfilled pussy? Send it this way.

les jeues

I love bikini asses.

the many faces of pussy

Take your pick.

if you will do just one thing

Maybe two.
Take a picture of you caressing your cooter.
Then love it more.
We'll show the results.

soft in touch

Love how appealing the look of her feel is.
Imagines the smell of her body waiting around me as I run my hands up and down her.
Want to share your smoothness. Send a picture.

11 October 2012

the best pussy

Danika has simply the best pussy ever. So fuckable!

petal among the flowers

pussy petal among the flowers.
So glad I am a guy.

we both can get some

if only this were true.

tagged and filled

MINE needs piercing and filling.

discreetly beautiful

I love her beautiful confidence. sexy look. sweet pussy.

pearls and pussy

Together, two of my most favorite things.
The lust this creates!

08 October 2012

phone drop

Seldom are her phone drops so revealing.
Best one yet.


be kind to animals

make sure you pet your pussy today.

breast for thanksgiving dinner

cook up some breast for your dinner this Thanksgiving.

lifted high enough

About as high as my erection.
Your turn. Send us your flashes.

sweaters make great gifts

they make the perfect accent to highlight a great ass.
Did you get a sweater recently?
Show us how it looks.
I'd love to stare.

it's a mix

I like a lot of her poses and pics but this one has me conflicted. just a bit.

suds are no duds

bubbles are fun.
Send in your bubble shots.
Any gender.

where there is still sun

Soak it up while you can.
I love watching women suntan.
I love the smell of the lotion on their bodies mixed with their own natural fragrances.