30 November 2012

do you remember?

I remember my first nude experience.

candy for later

this about sums up how I feel right now.
you can start with mine.

29 November 2012

spilling ahead

So many places to misplace your orgasms. Here is another: http://amyysativa.com/

24 November 2012

22 November 2012

happy thanksgiving

May you have the best of meals today to those of you celebrating thanksgiving south of the border.

in awe over me

You stand towering over me with your cooter looming above my face tantalizing my emotions and swelling my members with lustful desire.

Go on.

plunging pleasure

They both seem to be getting what they want out of this.

18 November 2012

For something else to do

Up4whatever's stash http://up4whatever81.tumblr.com/post/35899109244/edcapitola-fuckyeahhugepenis

11 November 2012

if I could

if I could convince MINE to wear outfits like this, I'd be happier.

vote cast

how did you cast your vote? hopefully naked.

08 November 2012

double double

the amount of pleasure. four times the usual.

faced with ass

What a thrill to be faced with an ass like this. Urges. Real desire.

06 November 2012

tricks and treats

I'd take the fucking anyway it came.

if you are this nipplely

Then reblog this and send a picture showing off your bumps.

04 November 2012

one hole too little

fancy bedwear for lingeristas.

there's book smart

and then there is naked book smarts. Clothe the mind not the body.

a different beat

I'd love to drum her a different beat. amazing surf beauty.

02 November 2012

pumpkin face

I'd like to trick her treat.

he made me do it

I thought this look more in focus when I was looking at the source. so distracted by devilish beauty.