04 May 2007

that's bananas

missed a spot

some of the hardest things to swallow for women in any form of a relationship with a guy is cum. there is the taste that is unique and probably acquired for most (some just love it though-- you know who you are!) the awkwardness of what do i do with this: swallow and lick it up, mouth it and spit it out then brush the teeth, refuse it and have it land all over my face and my clothes, the floor, the bed or whatever. i don't know the circumstances behind this picture but i think that she is satisfied with the outcome of her adventure and so is the monkey. as for my her, she is of the 'why do i have to do this and for sure i'm spitting this out after and brushing my teeth and using the mouthwash'. not exactly a strong endorsement...

which way to the beach?

who wants to ride my balls?

beach, balls and boobs. what a wonderful combination. i've had my share of time being nude on beaches across north america. most of those times i was the only one naked. vancouver has a nice nude beach (wreck beach) and the two times i was there i found no lack of comparable women like the above, just no blue bouncing ball (um, actually there may have been now that i think of it!).