25 June 2009

self portrait- the series-13

fresh out of water

swimming is a great thing to do on a hot day. to lounge around in a pool of water is refreshing. the rush of water that runs down your body as you emerge from the depths to land has a tingling sensation that for both genders feels arousing (ever so slightly) even when wearing bathing suits.

i have emerged from the mirky depths and am towling off and getting dressed for the rest of the day. cold, as you can tell, but relaxed and fresh feeling.

19 June 2009

i met you

simply amazing... will be adding more to this one in a few.

for the playboy in your pocket

college girls from playboy. i love the college issues, especially those from the Big Ten.

13 June 2009

sweating at ease

all greased for action

on the hottest day of summer sweat pours off a body with little effort. the intense heat feels good as it reaches to the bones. if you are clothed you want to take it all off. her shimmer is inviting.

from behind it all

i bend for you

the beauty of it all is the smoothness of the lines. the redish hair draping over her back tingles my penis. i love the curl of her left toes.