31 May 2008

back to business

at home

or at the beach... do them both

it doesn't really matter where you find them, they are so inviting. i love the lines the curves make on the buttocks of both of these. i can just smell the heat from the bookworm on the beach. turn the page.


30 May 2008

fully breasted

she's concerned, but beautiful breasts

waiting for someone to join...

i love the beach and i love the toplessness it can bring. european beaches are supposed to be full of this type of sunworship. turn up the heat, summer is going to be hot.

29 May 2008

heat flashes

what one wouldn't have given to been here. obviously they are having a great time and won't have remebered in the morning what's happened unless they've seen this picture.

my question to you is this... do they start the night with the idea that they might flash their breasts to the world? from what i can see, it looks like both of them are not wearing a bra which could have lead to the thought of maybe flashing. the breasts are a nice shape on the girl on the right.

my penis is getting sore...

28 May 2008

back nine

mini golf is a fun, fun sport. hard to win but a great way to have fun as a family or on a date. who really cares who wins

27 May 2008

guns blazing

i am not sure of her motivation, maybe it is her totm! but she has her hate on for sure. looks like that QT movie... blazing! her breasts look like they might have had some special Rocky training.

26 May 2008

your serve

game, set, match

quite possibly the most inviting shot i seen to take on in tennis. she looks absolutely beautiful and would beat me in straight sets. i can only think of one other 'sports' shot that compares at all to this... some surfer girl on a beach from The One.

25 May 2008

sing her a love song

too bad about the shadow

she didn't seem very smart but had a great voice. i think i voted once for her and heard lots about these pictures which by themselves are very innocent looking. i quite like the petals draped over her- i've seen photo magazines use this concept before. still works.

24 May 2008

Under Protest

i had thought that this picture was of a protester support the cause of women's right to be topless if they want to be. turns out i wasn't right. she does support topless rights but just through active use of toplessness and she co-owns a nudism resort in california. nice coins too.

23 May 2008


sometimes you just can't help but be naked. and at the same time you cannot be exposed to who you really are, either because of your job or maybe your family, or some other real good reason. but you want to express yourself in your natural state of being. here is your chance... like our pictured you can mail your bagged shot and get shown here. send your best shot to the email at the right.