30 May 2009

three for one and all

love the wave around the breast

squaters right should be allowed in these kinds of situations. simply beautiful. i don't know where they all hide.

strung along

i love string bikinis. especially ones that show hints of the clitoris

repeat, if i need to

i know where i would put my baton

if i were an arresting officer there would be no doubt about where i would start to search for contraband. i'd be likely more interested to have her strip search me. take a look at the shaved lips. a great picture of the day.

23 May 2009

pink is a color breast revealed

three times today this picture made me rub my penis and i eventually cummed the last time i looked at this picture.

keeping a breast

perky and firm?

pierced through both nipples. her breasts are a great size and seem firm and shaped. it is her eyes that are amazing though. beautiful woman.

big breast fill my screen


i'll be honest. i am not a huge fan of large breast. these ones are large. and i actually like them. i think though it is because she is a blonde and because there are no veins coursing through. big and round areola. nice.

bent over the ass

please grab this

nothing screams out more than to slap this so hard. i know that the thongs wrap around but it looks like it is stuck in her cunt and the lips are actually showing. would love to see the front.

the shape of things to come... not a penis

i'd like to give head to this
in all my life i had never seen anything like this and never thought to look for it. it is very funny and arousing all at the same time. thank you for posting this.