09 August 2013

You think I won't notice.

But I can't help bit stare at your bits.

Bent admiration

I love a body with flexibility. We have that here and her beaver... Delicious.

22 May 2013

Drive ahead

Someone is about to have an experience that will stay with them the whole day and it's not me.

16 May 2013

Highlighted Penis

I highlighted my penis this morning. It wanted the attention and rewarded me promptly after.

29 March 2013

underwater beauty

Erections in all the right places. Including on my body.

17 February 2013

14 February 2013

amazing ink

I'm gonna try to draw something like this up for MINE to get on her rounds.

another self-pleasured valentine's day

yet again do I find that the only way of getting any valentine's day action is by pleasuring myself. my cock likes it. but I want the pussy to go with it. But MINE and I aren't getting along well enough this year.

13 February 2013

why don't you misbehave?

is there any reason why you wouldn't misbehave?

10 February 2013

colour confusion

Not purple. Not pink. Mauve maybe? Love her stockings. Love her pussy more. Beautiful body. Fuckable.

forest for the trees

I would love for my wood to be in her.

24 January 2013

need a second cup of java

it is so wintery with all of the snow and cold temperatures outside. I'm going to need a couple of cups of java to crank start the day.

23 January 2013

sleeping beauty

Amongst the sheeted trees lies a sleeping beauty pierced above her heart.

I want MINE to get her nipple pierced like this. Doubt she will.

13 January 2013

find the frosting

both of these are too appealing right now. I want to eat them both.

10 January 2013

it's going in anyway

Which would you rather have in your ass? It's going in anyway. The large man cock which is fleshy, firm and slick with cunt juices ready to shoot a stream of cum into your anus? Or the extra large and very firm yet deeply driven fake cock worn by a knowing female?

My answer: the extra large and very firm yet deeply driven fake cock worn by a knowing female. Have mercy.

Your choice?

footwear fetish

I have a slight footwear fetish. I love women in the higher heels. I love the way their feet arch in their shoes. I love the shape of their calves as they walk. I am hooked.

09 January 2013

I could never understand

I could never get it.
I just didn't understand the interest or allure of rimming someone.
Until the other week.
I get it.
And it is for some reason, after having rimmed MINE, estatically arousing making me cum with a force.

03 January 2013

Is it just me?

Is it or does her belly button seem high?


this leaves me breathless and practically speechless.

02 January 2013

those two words

they just seem to roll off the tongue don't they?

more efficient

front loads are supposed to be more efficient.
clearly true.
cannot wait for the spin cycle.

the magical allure

what is my fascination with your shaved pussy? why does it make my head spin so? why am I filled with such lust? how do I keep you so shaven?


one of my favorite actresses.
simply beautiful.

01 January 2013


Thrilled by the visual thought that a cock is sliding down a woman's throat.
The erection.
The wetness.
The suckling sounds.
The eventual cum.

Morning rituals

What rituals do you take on in the morning?
Anyone know what she has on the counter?
Love her sleeve and her peekaboo ass.

Happy Nude Year

Happy Nude Year!
May your 2013 be full of lots of cum.
What are your Nude Year ReSexolutions?