03 July 2007

self portrait- the series- 10

need to be rinsed off, so dirty!

more from the water. this one really captures a nice mood with the backlit sunshine creating a cast of mystery (sort of) on my body. wish you were there.

it's real interesting to see the reach of my penis too. looking at the clusters map i see it has reached some new locations this week, welcome to South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, and those of you in South America. now if i could get my penis to actually visit these places...

24 June 2007

self portrait- the series- 9

need a towl rack?

i've gone a little overboard and have a huge backload of pictures to add to the self-portrait series. to decide where to start was a bit of a challenge too... so i've picked the water-based theme to start off with. the day was super hot and the water was a bit on the chilled side of cold but refreshing compared to the heat from the sun. i also had to contend with an eel that was hiding out in a water hole nearby.

i also need high speed as dial up is killing me

03 June 2007

self portrait- the series- 8

getting a grip

i recently had surgury at the hospital and i shaved myself to make myself more presentable just in case. i asked her if she wanted to shave for me, but she was reluctant to do so. maybe she was afraid of having the favor returned...

on the plus side, i will be posting more regularily now and more of the self portrait series to come as the summer rolls by.

04 May 2007

that's bananas

missed a spot

some of the hardest things to swallow for women in any form of a relationship with a guy is cum. there is the taste that is unique and probably acquired for most (some just love it though-- you know who you are!) the awkwardness of what do i do with this: swallow and lick it up, mouth it and spit it out then brush the teeth, refuse it and have it land all over my face and my clothes, the floor, the bed or whatever. i don't know the circumstances behind this picture but i think that she is satisfied with the outcome of her adventure and so is the monkey. as for my her, she is of the 'why do i have to do this and for sure i'm spitting this out after and brushing my teeth and using the mouthwash'. not exactly a strong endorsement...

which way to the beach?

who wants to ride my balls?

beach, balls and boobs. what a wonderful combination. i've had my share of time being nude on beaches across north america. most of those times i was the only one naked. vancouver has a nice nude beach (wreck beach) and the two times i was there i found no lack of comparable women like the above, just no blue bouncing ball (um, actually there may have been now that i think of it!).

27 March 2007

do you?

one litre or two?

for me the challenge is not to stare. at the same time i can't and will not let the opportunity pass me by. if i am in public i can feel the growth (really a sudden spring to salute!). if i am driving by in my car i reach down and rub my penis through the pants and often times (like today) i unzip the pants, rub my cock through my underwear (today was tight black spandex boxer briefs), lift the side of briefs and slide them over my balls (freshly shaven this month) then glide them over the shaft and pull it out in the open. handling it like my 5 speed stick shift i stroke it matching the rpm of my moter. i always feel a huge rush.

when staring in the stores, i like to look at the women when they are with their significant others and don't mind when the women know that i am looking and the guy isn't 'aware' of the stare or the interaction with the lady. it can sometimes provide the lady a chance to flirt and have a mini affair without the dire consequence that could potentially occur. i had one woman who was shopping in the clothing store i worked in who was trying on some shirts in the changing rooms and was similarily endowed most like the picture above. she noticed that i was watching her from my elevated cash area which was located right beside the rooms and mirrors. on her next trip out she walked slowly by the cash while carrying on a conversation with a friend and undid the drawsting on her mod-robes (hospital type pants) and pulled the front of the pants out away from her chest and revealed in grand fashion her bushy vagina as she was without any panties. the best day ever for quite a few days... even compared to my her. nothing more ever really came of that interaction- just in my head. ever since though i never have really passed up an opportunity to stare.

this picture leads in so many directions.

back for seconds

just what is the guy in the back up to?

it must be a nice feeling to be able to eat at a picnic naked. this group seem real comfortable with the fact that they aren't wearing any clothes and they don't seem self-conscious in the least. i haven't ate in the nude in public in a group setting and i think i might be more conscious if i were.


sometimes a series is the answer to the question of beauty

there is art and there is the illusion of art. i think that three from this montage would qualify as art and one not so much. one seems more like an ad and three not so much. one like a good idea.

how do you see it?


rubbing my cock against you.
against your thighs,
your belly.
moisting my fingers with your pussy.
dream tonight.
dream today
and now.

19 March 2007


full exposure

around here you do not find mass gatherings at a beach. seems like nobody has time for that. and you certainly do not find them topless (unless a guy, of course). what gets me the most about this though is how the person beside her is allowed to have such sandy feet. i am not a big fan of that much sand getting on my feet, unless i am playing a game or something in the sand. her tan line is so nice as it splits her breast nicely. must be a warm day too with the sun firming her nipple.

my adidas

which way to muscle beach?

i think that it's thatta way... i think. it's great to be able to relax by the waterside. we have a camp by the water that is so relaxing. can't really get naked like this threesome, but when it is possible it is refreshing especially when the water laps up against the body.



the shallow end

what a lovely day. let's spend sometime in the pool. the water is chilly though. my nipples are hard.

who gets lucky to take the picture? is it a selfportrait (timer)? or is it someone else? are they clothed or just as naked?

08 March 2007

summer sun

nakedness. there is very little in life more appealing than sunbathing in the nude. i only sunned once last summer, but the summer before i spent several days naked in the sun. so warm on the skin.

28 February 2007


i would have never thought of this way as a use for a lava lamp. makes so much sense though. i can just imagine how it would have been in the `60's & `70's with all the lava lamps and
extra curricular supplements that would have gone with it.

27 February 2007


the view from here is lovely.

strong attachment

i love the idea of having sex outside. there is a thrill of it not being inside for starters. the obvious 'will someone see us' feeling. and the strong connection of being in nature.

23 February 2007

it feels great to be inside

with all of the cold weather and the tons of snow that won't stop pounding the ground it sure is great to be inside. she seems so wet, just look at the shine on his penis.


i love horses


yum in a word. if i can get her to do this more, then life would be super. isn't that always the way it is said?

blonde for breakfast

i used to work with a girl who was sixteen when she was hired. she looked equally as beautiful as this girl. her hair was a lot like this one's is too: long, straight and smooth. working with her over the few years was great. she turned into a great salesperson and very beautiful.

21 February 2007

18 February 2007

heal me

if they would do this

the lines at hospital would be bigger than my erection and last longer than me in bed, but the country would be in the best shape ever.

best from behind

when my penis is erect and the energy is really flowing i can see my veins pop just like this guy's veins. so i wrap my palm around the shaft and feel the blood flow through the veins with each squeeze and pluse.



a little around the edge


plugged in for eco-friendlyness

16 February 2007

rush in behind


rising to meet you

i love the morning. it can be so hypnotic and when you add a naked woman to the equation, nothing seems better. i can smell vanella. delicious.

15 February 2007

breast are great too

reminds me of an old girlfriend. nuff said.

i love the ass

it is so hard to pick a favorite body part. really really is. but i do love a great behind. with tan lines of course. the curve by far is the most beautiful shape. no question.

all around

lined up nicely




three things i can agree with. i love the tanlines. i try to get her to tan, but it is so challenging to get her to. but she's never too interested in that and ends up with a farmers tan from working outside. forget about her tanning naked or topless (to live in ontario). tanned with undergarment outlines. not much better.

school spirit

ally oopm the best cheerleader ass i've seen yet

sex is addicting. two hours of pictures and cock rubbing. i think the cough syrup i took for my cold earlier is kicking in too. feels so good.

if you can prove me otherwise let me know

jugs-the magazine

rubbing my penis for the last hour and an half is so pleasurable. i love wrapping my fingers around the head of my penis and feeling the growth when i sqeeze firmness into the shaft. and then firmly sliding the hand down the shaft and gliding up the top if the head feeling the tingles in the penis and the chill up my spine.

when i was little i picked a copy of jugs magazine and stared in amazement at how large breasts could be. explosive for a youth. i prefer more regular size breasts (32a-34a even in the b's) but this takes me back and makes it harder to stick with preferences. all for large.

what does pregnant taste like

some of the best sex i have ever had with her was when she was pregnant. it's hard to explain the difference, but i know her orgasms were more intense. and the feeling of wrapping around the extra body size made it seem like it was someone else without the disconnect of it being that way. and, um, the breast milk was delicious-wish there was more.

she warms me up

support school spirit

up it goes

it is minus 17 degress celcius and a super windchill that rocks down to about minus 30. this beauti really warms the night. i would start with lick the nipples. i've been rubbing my penis while imagining her for the last 20 minutes just to the edge.