27 September 2012

pleasurable flexibility

Oh how fantastic is this?
Are you this lucky?
Please show us.

26 September 2012

get fresh from the garden

long and hard. Pull your cukes now and get off.

If you do not

Like stripes than you should at least like lines.
What a beautiful cooter.

it will end messy

But I love how it starts.

24 September 2012

22 September 2012

20 September 2012

one of the few

Consider this guy to be lucky to enjoy what thousands want every minute of the day.

your ass is amazing

In awe and wonder of the beauty of her ass.

18 September 2012

who do you have?

Is there someone to pay attention to your cock?

with just one

It only takes the one to build the lust.


Beautiful is not enough.

16 September 2012

13 September 2012

park life

It seems too unlikely. How I wish to stumble across this kind of thing.

get around

Sometimes you have to get fashionably creative.

in color

hard to pass up on this, IMO

not a crowd

Who says three is a crowd?
Guessing this guy isn't.


Her magic work and soon she will be forever hooked.

all the crevices

Make sure to be deliberate and get in all the nooks and crannies of her pussy. She'll never look down on you for that.

10 September 2012

keep what you have

Do everything in your power to keep the good things in your life.
Well worth the effort.

where I find it

Perfection is found in a woman.
Everything else strives towards it.

even spread

Cannot pass up an invitation like this.
Heart shaped and maybe heart felt.

my favorite topping

If you're going to be covered in something then it might as be this.


It seems like a lot of cushion and I'm not a big fan of larger butts however there's appeal here.

great reception

Just need to tweak the nipples a bit to get the station tuned in.

scrub my dub

If cleaning involved this kind of attention I would be constantly showering.

08 September 2012

Won't you be my neighbor?

Why can she not be my neighbor? How I'd like to borrow some sugar.

Which way to the beach?

Why I love nude beaches. I just have to worry about an erection.

Look at my music

She wants you to look at her links presumably about music. I'm not biting though.