05 October 2010

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02 October 2010

more ravenous thongs

i love the beach. here is one reason why.

i cant remember where this is from, but i will try to update when i figure it out.

do the fist

i love the shaveness around her rim.

i know for myself i have tried to fist her. i have gotten the four fingers and some of the thumb inside but not the whole thing. it creates such a swelling in my cock as i am sliding my hand into her cunt. so i am a little jealous seeing this from another blogger (will link to the name when i can find it again.)

what time is it

and the acadamy award goes to...

fashioned after the movie clockwork orange, this is much more erotic than what stanley had in mind. the sheerness of the white pants the ridging of the suspenders over the breasts. the firmness of the nipples. the naughtiness of the look as she has her hands in the others pants. the look of pleasure as she crooks her head back while having her nipple tweaked.

white beneath the surface

http://girlsinyogapants.com you really need to go here. real tame compared to a lot of what is out there, but a lot of fun.

01 October 2010

cocktober 2nd

this is the second day of cocktober. the cock in front of you is mine but it could easily be yours. just send in your personalized cock picture and we'll share the love. let your cock hang out and get creative.

your raven is so hot

just went through and looked at all of the posts from my hot raven and what an interesting couple. they seem to really enjoy themselves. he takes a lot of pictures of his so and she is very beautiful.

cocktober 1st

welcome to cocktober. we will be celebrating cocktoberfest with all kinds of cocks. hopefully yours. email your picture and we will see you on here. let your cock hang out. get creative and as daring as you can.