27 March 2007

do you?

one litre or two?

for me the challenge is not to stare. at the same time i can't and will not let the opportunity pass me by. if i am in public i can feel the growth (really a sudden spring to salute!). if i am driving by in my car i reach down and rub my penis through the pants and often times (like today) i unzip the pants, rub my cock through my underwear (today was tight black spandex boxer briefs), lift the side of briefs and slide them over my balls (freshly shaven this month) then glide them over the shaft and pull it out in the open. handling it like my 5 speed stick shift i stroke it matching the rpm of my moter. i always feel a huge rush.

when staring in the stores, i like to look at the women when they are with their significant others and don't mind when the women know that i am looking and the guy isn't 'aware' of the stare or the interaction with the lady. it can sometimes provide the lady a chance to flirt and have a mini affair without the dire consequence that could potentially occur. i had one woman who was shopping in the clothing store i worked in who was trying on some shirts in the changing rooms and was similarily endowed most like the picture above. she noticed that i was watching her from my elevated cash area which was located right beside the rooms and mirrors. on her next trip out she walked slowly by the cash while carrying on a conversation with a friend and undid the drawsting on her mod-robes (hospital type pants) and pulled the front of the pants out away from her chest and revealed in grand fashion her bushy vagina as she was without any panties. the best day ever for quite a few days... even compared to my her. nothing more ever really came of that interaction- just in my head. ever since though i never have really passed up an opportunity to stare.

this picture leads in so many directions.

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